What is the proposed development?

Full details are available in the developers Design and Access Statement which you can download here. You can look at all the documents on the SDC website here entering ref: S.15/2549/OUT

There would be up to 20 homes - some of them 5 bedrooms. These are substantial properties and it looks like some of them would be 3 stories. Access is through the gap by No 87.   The houses and their gardens will completely fill the upper half of the top fields - the fields which are the most visible and striking in the views from the valley.  The lower half of the field will be developed to allow for drainage.

You only have to look at the artists impression and example photographs the developer has provided in their Design and Access Statement and imagine those houses in place of the field shown in the top right picture and spoiling the magnificent views of which the fields are a key part in both summer and winter.

Also we know this will just be a first step. If permission is given for these houses, the next thing it will be the lower half of the fields, and Mcnalley’s field, perhaps through the same access. We have to stop this dead in its tracks!

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These lovely views lost Profits for  greedy   developers